Tau Ceti Staking Pool
for the CARDANO network

Ceticompany – The Tau Ceti staking pool is built on bare metal servers to properly aid in the decentralization of Cardano. The team at Ceti Company is working to build a stake pool that will give the best rewards, have 100% uptime, and help you fulfill your goals of reaching the stars!  Forget the moon! Tau Ceti pool will give you the rewards you need to grow your account beyond!

What are staking pools?

Staking and staking pools are to cryptocurrencies as dividends are to investing in stocks. If you’re a hodler then hodl your ADA in a staking pool.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform: the first to be founded on peer-reviewed research and developed through evidence-based methods. It combines pioneering technologies to provide unparalleled security and sustainability to decentralized applications, systems, and societies.

Pool Info

What are my expected returns?

To calculate estimated returns, go to the official Cardano Staking Calculator website at the following link https://testnets.cardano.org/en/shelley/tools/staking-calculator/

Download the Daedalus wallet to stake your ADA now. Click the link below:

Daedalus Wallet Download

 Want to learn more about Cardano? Learn from the source. Click here to go to Cardano’s web page.

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Staking your ADA is about securing the Cardano network, and earning rewards for doing so. Tau Ceti Pool believes that anyone should be able to earn great rewards from staking.

To stake your ADA in Tau Ceti Pool, please use the Daedalus Wallet version 2.0 and go to the  delegation tab. The Tau Ceti Pool will be listed under the CETI ticker as shown below:

The graphic below will explain the delegation cycle.




High Rewards

A max fee of 2.5% will ensure all pool participants receive high rewards for their stake.

Ceti pool will adjust our fees to stay competitive and will never go above 2.5% and may drop as low as 1%.

Ceti has 500,000 ADA to pledge and stake. We will Pledge 10,000 ADA as an operator of our pool, and we will delegate the remaining 490,000 ADA to our pool. This is for security reasons to keep the majority of our ADA apart from the staking pool server.

Pool Fees

Cardano has implemented a minimum pool cost of 340 ADA per epoch. There is no way around this fee for any stake pool. 

The 340 ADA will be subtracted from the total pool reward after each epoch (5 days) and remaining rewards are divided between delegators.

Pool Saturation?

Pool saturation occurs when no more rewards will be awarded for the increased amount of ADA delegated. This means if you delegate to a saturated pool the reward will decrease as it will be shared between more delegators.

Always delegate to a pool that is not saturated to receive the highest reward.

Server Info

Ceti Pools are run on bare metal servers as opposed to virtual machines in the cloud. There are definitely benefits to renting space with Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure such as the customer service. But there will be very many hosted staking pools and to build a truly decentralized cryptocurrency network there needs to be truly decentralized pool nodes. We have chosen brand new computing hardware for our pool and relay nodes.

Server Hardware

We use all AMD processors with 4 cores, 16GB of RAM, dual 250GB SSDs for redundant mirroring. Spare hardware is kept onsite for immediate repairs if necessary.

Network Connectivity

Our network uses 1GB ethernet switching with the capability of utilizing a redundant wireless connection over a separate commercial internet service provider.

Security and Peace of Mind

Our stake pool is securely setup and fully automated and monitored. 

In light of the recent attack on a stake pool, and the subsequent theft of the operator’s 1,000,000 ADA, (see story here, https://forum.cardano.org/t/spos-do-not-repeat-my-mistakes-keep-your-core-node-safe/37766 ), Ceti Pool will limit the amount of ADA pledged to 10,000. From a separate wallet we will delegate the remaining 490,000 ADA to Ceti Pool. 

Additionally, we are following the best security practices for our server and relay nodes as listed in this article https://forum.cardano.org/t/back-to-basics-security-measures-every-cardano-stake-pool-operators-should-know-and-implement/38166

Since we are running our pool on bare metal servers, we have disabled SSH access altogether and blocked port 22 at our physical firewall boundary. However, as a precaution we are also running fail2ban on both relay nodes and the production node.

Company Info

Ceti is passionate about disruptive technologies and economics. Our vision is to find technologies that will have a similar effect on the world as did the Internet, cell phones, medicine, the computer, etc. We believe that cryptocurrencies, and more specifically distributed ledger technologies (ie. blockchain) will play a huge role in transforming how people and companies interact and transact. We want to be a part of that change. Help us to achieve our vision of a better future through disruptive technologies by staking in our Cardano staking pool, Tau Ceti Pool (CETI).

Questions about our mission, our vision, or our staking pool?  Please contact us via email or through our Contact Form.



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